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Inet SEO Expert provides SEO services in India - Our search engine optimization company and internet marketing company provides a professional and quality of web solutions in SEO, SEM, PPC and CPC Management.>

SEO Services

Website Analysis:
In-depth analysis of website in order to fully optimize the content, structure, Competitor Analysis, Back links checking and traffic flow..

Keywords Analysis:
Identify, compare and select ultimate keywords/phrases. The stage involves extensive analysis of the competitor's web sites,

Webpage Optimization:
Optimizing the web pages through applying Title Tags, Meta Tags, and Alt Tags by adding the targeted keywords which will improve performance in website ranking. Paying attention to the anchor tags and navigation structure of the site. It’s better to use keyword terms for a hyperlink text than to simply use ‘click here’. I also suggest applying the Title attribute to add keyword phrases to your link tags.

Submission of Web Pages:
Optimized web pages are submitted to leading search engines and directories for top placements and positioning.

Link Optimization:
Optimizing internal link for easy indexing of the website. Add relevant external inbound links and outbound links to and from other websites. Link Optimization is also a significant factor in Search Engine Optimization. We have learnt from our experience that if websites links are properly optimized that can result into top search engine positioning and placement.

Lists all keywords by search engines and their respective ranking. The detailed reports include ranking for root and branch pages and also list the last time submissions were made to each of the search engines.

Analyze results and revise tactics to maintain or improve search engine positioning.

SEO Processes

 Analyze Competition
Find out who are your competitors. The sites that show up above are the competitors. Analyze those sites that how effectively they used the targeted keywords. The more popular a target phrase is the more competition there likely to be. Check out you and yours competitor’s link popularity.

Keyword Analysis:
The first thing we do is create a robust keyword portfolio of relevant keyword phrases that are searched on by potential customers. We begin with your input on what your most important keywords are, and then expand that list by cross-checking the list against the search engines’ databases of actual keyword searches. This helps us target the right words your website.

Based on your chosen keywords; we will make the necessary adjustments to your website to include important keyword phrases in the right places. We will also make recommendations for additional content or keyword-related topics to include on your website to attract additional keyword search traffic. Optimization Includes:

      1. Meta Tags optimization
      2. Title Tags optimization
      3. Image optimization
      4. HTML Code Refining
      5. Internal Link Check
      6. Html or Xml site map creation and submission
      7. Robot.txt
      8. Keywords in links
      9. Hyper link checking   

 Search Engine Submission
After optimization is completed we will submit your site in the Search Engines and directories for top placements, positioning and increasing the traffic your website. Actually all crawler based search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN collect your website automatically but the main point is indexing of your site might not meet the expectations. So submission to Search Engine is necessary.

Link Building
Links from other websites are a very important part of getting your site ranked well in the search engines. We recruit links to your website from various sources. We submit your site to the most appropriate categories in all the major web directories. We then identify additional niche directories to submit your site to including local and industry-specific sites. Additional links are obtained from online press releases, social bookmarking, Classified ads and articles Submission.

Tracking & Maintaining
Each month we provide ranking reports to track the status of your site in the search engines. We monitor your website traffic, paying close attention to where the traffic is coming from and which keywords people use to find your website.

Search Engine Optimization is a continuous process. Popular Search Engines keep making changes to their algorithms. So maintain the traffic and keyword PR for the website.