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Topic: improve bounce rate?
1. Track the bounce rate of your site over a period of time
2. Also check the time spent by visitors on your site
3. Check the Traffic Sources – Identify which source contributes bulk of your traffic. Is the traffic coming from Direct Links, Search Engines or Social Networking Sites?
4. After getting your Statistics rate, start making changes in the landing page
5. Make sure that you showcase prominent links that will pull the visitors interest
6. Make the site Navigation more users friendly
7. Check for the load time of the site – check in different browsers. Make sure your site loads quickly
8. Change one thing at a time and keep an eye on the bounce rate and check if there is improvement.

opic: SEO tips
Search Engine Spider like Content
If your website doesn’t fulfill the basic rule of search engine friendly web design then all your efforts are achieving success in the engines will be a waste of time. So updated your content based your keywords or key phrase.

All the internal navigation links should be plain html links. Links code are using java script are not followed by the search engine spiders. The same as flash embedded in website. if the site has java script or flash based there should be alternative navigation bar in plain HTML.

 And should avoid the more images using less content, java script function and flash object.

Dynamic URLs are not necessarily bad, though static URLs are, of course, better. Important rules, often neglected, which would be "no "id" letters in parameter names" and "no session ID parameters for guest visitors". The naming convention of dynamic parameters is the easiest thing to fix.

Another way to scare a spider away is to require that the user-agent supports cookies - and refuse to serve any content unless cookies are enabled. Since the engines' bots don't support cookies, they will just go away.

Topic: SEO helps small firm website to achieves higher visibility
Search engine optimization (SEO) is online marketing strategies it helps to small and medium business to achieve higher visibility on search engines as well as their competitors. There are certain key factors that involve the ranking of websites and it is very important the website designed based on search engine friendly manner. It offers lot of advantages including:

  • Increasing website traffic and popularity
  • Increased business leads
  • Search engine friendly website
  • Monthly reporting
  • Monitoring and tracking the reports

Effective SEO Services
SEO is comprehensive solution. i-Net SEO Expert process includes:

  • Initial analysis and planning
  • Keyword research
  • Content optimization based on the keywords
  • Search engine optimization
  • Link building

Topic: What Is 301 Redirects?
Whenever request domain URl is made by a browser and search engine spider, the page is Hosted in the web server checked file called .htacess .This file contains instruction how to handle specific request and security.

Search engine optimization challenge of doing a redirect a old pages to new pages or newly created pages. There are many types of redirects possible. 301 permanent  redirect is most used in the redirect types.

If your domain unable to redirects the new one web page getting down so automatically web site traffic get down.

To '301 redirect' an old URL to a new one, just go to your web host's control panel, and choose the "Redirects" option. You can then set up the redirect by filling the blanks. You want to chose redirect option "Permanent" to implement a 301 redirect.

Topic: What is Search Engine Optimization?
After Designed and developed a website you have promote your site in the world wide, because more and more websites are being introduced every day and the competition is also increasing. It is not simple to see your website in the topmost position in the search engines. For you have use technique called search engine optimization.

SEO help in the promotion of sites in the web marketing and the same time it requires some technical knowledge at least the Basic HTML. SEO is not simple one should take lot of efforts, ideas and innovations are required to see the identity of your website from rest of them. And SEO is not advertising.

SEO identifying search engines criteria and algorithms based on that it Optimizing web pages or whole website to make more search engine friendly thus getting in to top position in the search result. If you do all the things are necessary to do, this is not automatically generate   to ranking but if you omitted the basic things or rules, this certainly goes to the unnoticed place.

Generally SEO is defined as promote the website, increasing traffic (number visitor get in the website) and getting top position in the search engines like Google, yahoo and MSN etc.,

Topic: Organic and Non-Organic SEO
Organic SEO natural form of search engine optimization technique as opposed to non organic SEO can be automated one. Organic SEO is manual where as non organic SEO is done mainly with automated submission software.

"Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via "natural" ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results."

Some examples of organic SEO, or natural SEO, include optimizing on-page factors and article marketing. Examples of non-organic SEO include pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, purchasing ad space on other sites, and paid links. At one time or another, most site owners incorporate both organic and paid search.

For example, PPC advertising will give your site page one visibility the first day it goes live. Achieving page one naturally can take weeks, months, or longer depending on the phrases. Many site owners will use PPC as they achieve page one rank naturally, at which time they often eliminate or scale back PPC ads.

Topic: Redirect types
There are redirects other than 301, although they are less frequently utilized.
Other redirect types include:

Numeric Code





The resource has permanently moved



The resource has temporarily moved


See other

The resource has been replaced

Topic   Permanent Redirection With IIS
To redirect with IIS, just do this, on the server (read on for other methods if you don't have access to the server):

  1. Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Internet Information Services
    These steps are correct for the Windows XP "Classic View." If you are using the standard view, the steps are slightly different:
    Start -> Control Panel -> Performance and Maintenance -> Administrative Tools -> Internet Information Services
    We recommend the "Classic View" for those who are running websites on their PCs.
  2. Double-click "Websites," and then the website where the old page is
  3. Locate  the old page, right-click, and pick "Properties"
  4. Beneath "When connecting to this resource, the content should come from," select "a redirection to a URL"
  5. Enter the URL of the new page to the right of "Redirect to:"
  6. If the redirection is permanent and you want search engines to know about it, check "a permanent redirection for this resource." If you are redirecting all traffic in an entire folder to a single new page, also check "the exact URL entered above."
  7. Click "OK."



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