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Glossary is a guide to recommended for anyone wants to optimize their site for the search engines and obtain a top ranking in search marketing.

A set of rules that a search engine uses to rank the listings contain within its index. All kind of search engines having their own algorithm based that only it will take indexing the sites.

Search engines spider listing your site in its database, it will show in search result.

HTML - hyper text markup language (HTML):
Basic programming language used to create the web page and optimizing the HTML code on a page is essential for obtaining top search engine ranking.

Text or images in that, when clicked on that it will take to visit to another web site or within the site. In that link use keyword or phrase it take improve site ranking.

A coding language used within browser for various effects. But some time its cause a lower search engine ranking.

 When pages are removed from a search engines   index because the search engine has deemed to be spamming or site affected by some malwares.

A search crawler (also called a spider or robot), it follows links to web pages and make copies of the web pages found and stores in the search engine data base.

Off-site optimization:
Optimizing factors such as domain name, link popularity, and link reputation that cannot be changed through modifications in the HTML code.

On-site optimization:
Optimizing by modifying page source code factors such as keyword frequency, keyword prominence, title, Meta tags, body copy, alt-tags, navigation, etc.

The number that your web site is listed for a specific search term in a specific search engine.

A file used to keep web pages being indexed by search engines.

The act to submitting a URL for inclusion into a search engine's index. Unless done through paid inclusion, submission generally does not guarantee listing. In addition, submission does not help with rank improvement on crawler-based search engines unless search engine optimization efforts have been taken. Submission can be done manually or automated.


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